Hospitality consulting services

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Our capabilities reflect our expertise – and we are very good at what we do.


Operational Consulting

Situational analysis; Problem solving; Concept creation of unique restaurants, bars, night clubs, corporate office spaces, markets, event spaces, culinary spaces, hotels and food halls; Revenue generating strategies for hotels and independent food and beverage operations.


Our deep expertise in the franchise segment of hotels and restaurants, including coffee store brands, etc. provide great insight and guidance in conversion of hotels to the franchise model; selection of operators; assistance in negotiating the franchise agreement; selection and acquisition of a brand and third-party operator.

Procurement facilitation

The procurement function of any project is critical from an organizational timing, efficiency and credibility perspective. Selection of the most trustworthy partner is of paramount importance.

Construction project management

Once the project has been conceived, it is equally important that the execution part is in highly competent hands, ensuring timeliness, accountability, remaining on budget and controlling the outcome of the project for its principals.

Property asset management

Once an asset has been acquired or built, it is of paramount importance that it is left in care of a highly experienced and credible team who will leverage and yield the asset to its fullest potential and benefit.

Leadership development

For any organization, its greatest asset is its human capital, for it is the human resources that bring any idea to life. Having the right talent that is loyal, committed and competent is the lifeline to any successful organization, ensuring prospects for long term success. We offer: Executive coaching; Leadership assessment; Culture transformation; Talent pipeline.

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